CAST: Jean Rochefort, Anna Galiena, Roland Bentin, Maurice Chevit, Phillipe Clavenot
ONE WORD: Wonderful, and sad, love story.

Either some women are really strange, or just have a set of ideas that really defies description. There is some evidence that during the menstrual periods, women suffer enough chemical changes in their bodies to become totally different people. In this film, the subtlest of beautiful stories, takes just such a twist. And while the justification is well explained, the end result is not, although the film tries to 'imagine' a more positive approach to end it all.

A young man, one day, is forced to get a haircut. And he fights it until he finally loses the battle, and while he is getting his hair cut, he finds out something else he likes. The hairdresser's breasts. And the image of this woman's body just keeps taking him back to get trims too often until one day the woman is found killed, apparently a lover's quarrel, since she is known to have many suitors.

The young man grows up with a fixation for a hairdresser, and one day finds a woman he likes, and gets a haircut. He gets it cut, and upon leaving he says nothing. A few days later he comes back for another trim, and says nothing until the very last moment. He asks her to marry him. She stares at him, but doesn't answer. He doesn't get a reply but lets it go at that. He comes back for another cut, and this time, when she's done cutting his hair, she tells him yes, if he meant it.

The beginning of a love story, that was at first a romantic dream, is all of a sudden right here, all too real. The man moves in, and they have a very good time together. Even one time, when a young man comes in screaming, after they get him in the chair, the husband starts a mesmerizing dance that quiets the young man long enough to allow his wife to do the cutting.

And one day, she writes him a note and walks down to pier which is being hit furiously by the ocean waters. She reads him her note and jumps to her death. And the romantic affair is ended with one jump of idealistic poetry.

The very attractive Anna Galiena plays the young hairdresser, who is very much in love, but is also very much at the mercy of her sad inner feelings which we never learn about. And Jean Rochefort is very good in this film, which is more of an artist, and romantic poem, a la Byron and Shelley, than it is anything else. It is very 'sensual' in its shooting style, with close ups, and a clear demonstration of the feelings between the characters.

VERY NICE FILM, though sad in the end.





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