Directed by Jean Luc Godard

France 1996


I'm not sure that the idea that the actors wanting to stage a play in Sarajevo, is important to the film, anymore than a Jean Paul Belmondo lighting up another cigarette, or one more turn of the camera around the bar.

Let's say ... this is Godard. And kinda leave it at that, and then appreciate a whole bunch of things that could be considered silly, but they may also not exactly be silly, and some of these are almost reminiscent of many other films that Godard has made.

If we take the title of the film, and think of music, for example, Mozart is one of those composers that everyone has something to say ... and all modern music has a tendency to go as far back as him, for its definition and design. He wasn't the first, but he certainly is one of the best remembered, even though you and I can not humm a single pair of bars of his music! For Godard, this means one of two things ... time to make fun of an institution, and we all know that is one of his favorite do's, or it is time to ... he would never do those kinds of films, so forget it.

Film, like Mozart, is very formulaic in its design. All the way to the very top blockbuster ... originality is not on the screen ... only a different shot, or design, which alienates you from your every day life, and makes the film more appealing. Quite a fantasy ... perfect for the star syndrome! Goddard is probably one of the few directors, where a script might not be the thing to work with or on. Of course, this would be hell in music, but what do musicians know? ... control ... control ... such a political environment ... where as if there is one thing that is a joy in Godard, it is that you never know where it will take the film, and it may break up into fun, and weirdness, and in some cases some very serious, and unusual stuff, still done with a touch, that makes you wonder ... what's going on ... for example, it might be serious but the camera is being silly and moving around. Or vice versa, which is worse, but something that throws the American audiences totally off. Shot/crossshot is not for Godard! So, go look for living room prime time stuff on tv, not on Godard!

In this film adventure, there are many details that are so Godard, that drives us crazy .. here is one: "Knowledge of the possibility of representation consoles us for being enslaved to life. Knowledge of life consoles us for the fact that representation is but a shadow." And of course, you sit there and go ... what's all this about? And the next scene will throw you even further off.

So, if we follow a "story", then we are going to run into bits and pieces of many other of his films and this makes it fun, but also confusing ... so the actors get to Sarajevo and immediately have to dig their own graves and be shot. In other words, you are immediately thinking of at least one of his previous films ... you are already buried in the whole concept ... Sarajevo, at the time, was a mess! But the film doesn't stop there and then turns into another part and tries to work on a "Fatal Bolero", and while the images and sights can sometimes be unusual, many times they are symbols and ideas that bring up something else.

"For Ever Mozart", even as strange of a title as it has, it fun to watch, but i think that we want to see a bunch of children doing something/anything, so we do not get caught in a whirlpool of ideas that confuse us that much more ... sort of like watching a bit of coffee create massive galaxy like waves on a cup of coffee, that leads into an incredible philosophical sermon ... that makes you and I go ... do we do that in the morning over coffee and toast? We don't ... but then ... we could, right? Look at the pictures!

In many ways, the best part of Godard, is defining what "film" is for. We're so indoctrinated into the commercial and entertainment concepts that we can not even conceive that anyone can do anything else, be it music, film, art ... you name it. And yet, it is out there to be savored, appreciated ... and seen ... but are you open enough to simply watching something that might mean absolutely nothing ... a total waiting for godot, disguised as entertainment! You really think that prime time TV has any more to say? Think again!




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