MUSIC:    Angelique & Jean-Claude Nachon
CAST:    Sergio Castellitto, Nino Manfredi, Marie Trintignant, Marco Messeri, Eugenia Marruzzo
SUPER FEATURES: Funny and weird...

Some films are a bit strange, but kinda fun to stay with, and watch, just to find out what is going on.

Alberto has come of age and is about to leave home, when the father presents him with a bill for all the expenses that were incurred since the day he was born. And the father stipulates that the amount is due before the birth of his first child.

Some time has passed and Alberto is married to a French woman and living in Paris, but he has not paid his bill yet. And he sets off to Italy, basically, to avoid telling his wife that he can not have a child until he has paid his debt, or something to that effect. And it appears that he is going to be on the run, and not return to his wife. And in the process, during
his trip to Rome, he seems to easily come up with money for all his bills, only to return it all because of his extravagant nature.

While not a great film, by any means, it is a fun piece to watch, that is harmless, and pulls a rather nifty ending, very typical of the Italian film comedy..... the father didn't pay his bill either....

Fun film. Nothing great, but entertaining and weird in places.





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