DIRECTOR:                 JOHN IRVIN
MUSIC:                        CARL DAVIS
CAST:                           Natasha Richardson (Edwina), Mia Farrow (Miss O'Hara), Joan Plowright (Mrs. D-C.), Adrian Dunbar (Godfrey), Jim Broadbent (Clarney)
SUPER FEATURES: Some fancy acting. Excellent story telling.

Films that just take you for a ride, and pull the carpet at the last minute, are some of the things that we love to hate in life. But, damn, we sure remember them, and what went with those moments.

WIDOW'S PEAK is just such a treat. A nice film, nice story, that just appears a bit weirded out, and off beat enough to keep us unawares of what is really going on. And it helps that some people just love to take their acting so seriously, that they can help keep you cuckold'ed by the whole thing.

The acting work, all the way through, is without any doubt the one thing that stands out throughout the whole film. There isn't a dull moment when Mrs DC isn't about to get your attention. And then there isn't a second when something is not about to happen to Miss O'Hara. And, something ought to happen to the impulsive Edwina. But what exactly is happening.?

Watching this film is a bit like reading an English novel. You just get caught up in the events, and before you know it, or are ready for anything, the carpet gets pulled from under your feet.

And the surprise is astounding, and really nice. Poetic justice, you might say. The film is very well directed, meticulously approached, and the relationship between all three women is specially looked at. Tough to accept the ending, but it is worth it.

A treat to watch. Actors on display at their best. Who said that Mia Farrow couldn't act? Excellent work all around.





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