COUNTRY:             ENGLAND 1995
MUSIC:                   VARIOUS POP MUSIC
CAST:                     Ewan McGregor, Ewen Brenmer, Jonny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, Robert Carlyle, Kelly
SUPER FEATURES: Fast paced, drug film.

It's difficult to say if this is a good film or not. The subject matter of the whole story and film is almost inconsequential to the whole showcase of a generation and what has happened to them, even if they are supposed to be friends.

As a showcase, and sort of "documentary" of a specific day in time in a particular place, this is a very good film, that is well designed when it comes to the shooting style and totality of its existence. But as a story, and its outcome, it is a depressing film, that has funny moments, but does not help us deal with it.

Essentially, all the characters are "losers", and this becomes a bit of a story about what these losers do to try and overcome their shortcomings. And their big deal, is of course, a major drug deal, which is supposed to help them all get "straight".

Other than that it is the story of Mark and his friends. Mark has a devil may care attitude about life, and augments it with a few heroin shoots. His friends, are also into the junk, though they do not seem to be taking it regularly as Mark does. But all of them have some sort of girlfriend problems. Mark has just met a teenager, who likes him, although
he doesn't seem to care either way. She threatens him with calling the police if he won't go out with her again, since she is a minor. Spud has a girlfriend and they seem to have a special agreement about doing drugs together. She has a young baby.

And they all live in the worst of conditions, befitting their attitudes. But while they seem to be totaly down and out, it is their views on things that get us. They are not that far off most of us... they just see things a bit differently, but they seem to arrive at the same conclusions. And this can be shocking to many of us, specially when what we are looking
at is a bunch of junkies and losers.

But, undoubtedly, the one thing that is best about this film is the brisk pace and hand held cinematography, that makes this film a bit of a personal thing. It is heavily influenced by drug perceptions and the surrealistic attitude that it takes towards the "trips" are very funny and weird. At least for this, the film is very good.

And it is hard to fault these actors for the work they are doing. Nothing about anyone in this film is "stock" or "standard" and the definition of the characters is magnificent, which is a real delight... and for once, the film is helpful when the accent is so harsh that it requires subtitles for us to figure out what is being said.

Not a film for the squeamish, it is definitely an adult film, and not recommended anyone but serious adults that can appreciate some of the things that film can do with actors and directors. Other than that, what the film stands for is not exactly clear, except that all the kids, and more than likely a whole generation around them, obviously are in a social fabric that stinks, and does not know how to help these kids grow up... this maybe the film's serious point, and if so it is a major fingering of a society that just turns its back on its own. But it's not always that some people do not care... Mark's parents try really hard to help him get off the stuff, even if it is not exactly the best of times or situations.

TRAINSPOTTING, fits into the major "rebel" films. But one has to be careful, though, because it could easily suggest to the youngsters that heroin is hip. But it does not spare us, the fact that is hell getting off it.

Very good film, although it is taboo subject.





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