COUNTRY:         USA 1987
MUSIC:                STANLEY MYERS
CAST:                  Theresa Russell, Gary Oldman, Colleen Camp, Sandra Bernhard, Christopher Lloyd
SUPER FEATURES: The train sets, of course!

Found this one in a video store... And with a nice cast.

The film is about a train collector who spends much more time with his train set than he does with his wife (Theresa Russell) who is becoming increasingly frustrated with her husband. And as the train set gets bigger and more complicated, so does the relationship, until one day, in a train set  convention, she finds out that her husband is cheating with a younger girl. She goes out on her own, and so does the train set....

The best in the film is the train set. You will never see a better, and prettier one. Theresa Russell is good, though it appears that she takes this thing so seriously that you almost expect her to blow her brains out at any moment. Check out Gary Oldman...

Of the many films by Nicholar Roeg with his wife Theresa Russell, this film, in some ways has a hint that all things are not well in paradise, and while not clear, I would even suggest that the film was written based on their experience ... even though that would feel like a slight invasion of privacy. The hard part is that so many of these roles for Theresa are about the housewife, or lover, that is not happy, or appreciated for herself, and I think that this tends to drag the film some, and perhaps take it away from something else ... it's hard to accept that all the moments for the wife are that bad ... why the marriage, one can ask ... and that is the feeling that you come out with in this film at the end, and I'm not sure that this is a feeling that you want to
get out of a theater with!





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