DIRECTOR:                  GARY WEIS & ERIC IDLE
MUSIC:                         ERIC IDLE
CAST:                           Eric Idle, Neil Innes, Rikki Fataar, John Halsey, Michael Palin, George Harrison, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Bill Murray, Gwen Taylor
SUPER FEATURES:     The satirical edge is typical Monty Python

It seems not so long ago that The Rutles ruled the world and everyone thought that they were the greatest. Their music had everyone so excited that there wasn't a thing they could do wrong. Their tours were sold out and some very exciting fans made the whole thing a serious adventure.

But in the middle of it all Dirk, Nasty, Stig and Barry managed to stick around long enough to make their mark in the musical history of the 20th century, but still their fame was not all wine and roses. They lost one of their main leaders, and the next manager decided to take all their money and do away with it.

Well, life in the fast lane of the Rutles was not meant to be the normal kind of stuff. And their success got to their heads and eventually destroyed their unity, not to mention that their
personal relationships were starting to get in the way of their making music.. they had no desire, or need to make any more music, except whatever they felt like doing, whenever they felt like doing it.

But through out their history, The Rutles made their mark, by adding film to their repertoire, with A HARD DAY'S ROT and OUCH! which didn't exactly made film history, but it did help showcase that these four guys were a bit more interesting than what one thought... it was all about more than just music, it may have been to showcase their fame to many other fans that would never  have the chance to see them in concert. The movies burned up the box office and showed that what the pre-fab four was for real and could write some serious, and fun, music.

The film is a documentary of the prefab four's experience, and stands out for the commentator's excellent interviews with the likes of Mick Jaegger and Paul Simon, and other various people who were a part of the prefab's life. These interviews give an in   depth perspective and validity of the pre-fab four's amazing  adventure.

And one must never forget the excellent music that permeated this film, with its visuals, that stand out, even today, and make MTV look like a child's network, one who doesn't care how good the stuff they show should be.

Written and directed by Eric Idle, at the time a member of another famous group of comedians, this film stands out for its excellent moments, although the writing suffers when the visuals control the screen, which will leave you laughing most of the way through.

Beware all the special appearances that grace this fine film, and satirical outlook at what once was, a magnificent  adventure of the prefab four.





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