DIRECTOR:                LOL CREME
CAST:                         Julie Wallace, Paul Campbell
MUSIC:                      Wally Bodaru
ONE WORD:              English Style Humour.

I found this film by accident.

I roam the local outlets, every other week, to check on the new stuff, and see what is worth checking out, and then decide, if I am going to see it for a review, or just for fun.

When I found that this film was directed by Lol Creme, it immediately jumped to the top of the heap.

Lol Creme was half of the writing team of Godley & Creme, both partners, friends, and the voices behind the well known band 10CC. It isn't the first time they have done film, but it is for Creme as a director. Godley still does many rock videos, while Creme, usually helps write them.

In any case, this film has two things in common with the famed band. It loves the Jamaican beat, and is produced by the record label that has put much of the Jamaican music in the world market. Island Records.

It is a typical English story about a down in the dumps, poor Jamaican brother, who spends his time talking to his favorite tree, and simply living from moment to moment, until one day a German girl walks in and becomes his 'friend' and 'lover'. She's a bit on the insatiable side, and she has to teach him bedside manners and so on, and it carries the whole film. It has funny moments, when during sex, he finishes first, and she gets ticked. The story takes a turn for the worst when the girl's financing stops, and she has to score a few bills.

In the meantime, there are cricket matches, arguments about the queen of England and her ... and odd, but well placed bits of dialogue when the main character is talking to the tree, and his new found girlfriend is with him.

FUNNY. WORTH SEEING. Along the lines of The Gods Must Be Crazy series, although not as funny, or innocent.





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