DIRECTOR:                NEIL JORDAN
MUSIC BY:                ANNE DUDLEY
CAST:                         Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Miranda Richardson
ONE WORD:             Great Love Story ... though some won't like it.

Neil Jordan has a knack for the unusual.... and this film is no different. THE CRYING GAME holds up, because the actors in it are superb, and they don't let up.

And while the story develops, we are really at a loss as to what will happen, since the film keeps its pace very faithfully and refuses to bring the characters ( or the film ) down to a level that is not worthy of the best things the human heart has to offer. And few love stories make it before it becomes a soap opera of emotions and find an ending which really is just another piece of a wrong puzzle.

In a rather unusual way, a love story gets entwined with a political situation. And a black guy who is a security officer, is taken in by the IRA ( or a group that claims affiliation to the IRA and taken hostage. One of his jailers happens to be a nice enough guy who probably has fallen into this situation, and really does not know why, a world where the stronger willed ones have a way of manipulating the weaker willed ones into doing a lot of the dirty work of a revolution. The young black guy has a very close friend he likes, and a picture. And he asks the gentleman who is to kill him to take and deliver a message from him. And so he does, though he has to do it in a way that does not arouse suspicions.

But as the saying goes, the devil is never too far behind, and the two people who were 'running' the operation with the young man, managed to escape the assault by the armored English soldiers, and come together again later in London, where they finally reconnect with the former member, and try to make an attempt at another IRA assault on a political figure.

And now the story begins getting complicated. And the film begins to get you to the edge of your seat. What is happening, and how can anything be solved without all of them getting killed, specially the ones that don't deserve it.

An excellent film, with really exciting acting, in roles that are really difficult to work with and portray without falling into the 'ham' or 'sob' areas of the craft, that appear meaningless.
It is as if, just as we are about to learn something, the thing twists, and we just go wow.. now what.

With Stephen Rea as the young revolutionary, the Academy Award nominee Jaye Davidson, and Miranda Richardson as the terrorist which we do not see at first, but realize in the end, this film is a BEAUT. While the subject matters in the film may not be for everyone, it is an OFF BEAT love story, this film is BRILLIANTLY written, by its well deserving OSCAR winner NEIL JORDAN. It is difficult to visualize a complete story and then go out and film it. It is here.




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