DIRECTOR:                     ALEX COX
COUNTRY:                     ENGLAND 1987
CAST:                              Gary Oldman as Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols
SUPER FEATURES:        Good film, really shows up the music scene, and its struggles

I wasn't a great fan of the Sex Pistols.

However, like the type of artist I am, I do respect all forms of revolt against the system, which the Sex Pistols were instrumental and bring
to life.

This film is pretty much about the relationship between Sid Vicious and his girlfriend Nancy, and probably the pressures he undertook which caused him to overdose on so many drugs.

The story of the Sex Pistols is not a good one, and the environment they are a part of is not, either. It is a sort of Rodney King neighborhood,
where people are forgotten, and considered a menace to society. That Sid and his friends were capable of putting together a band, and much less, even make it, is extraordinary indeed. The scene became known as the PUNK rock scene, and all it really wanted to do  was get some attention, in a time (no different than today) when the media and the business did not care to respect the local band's efforts in music. This film, is an attempt at making the audience accept a movement, and a group or two. As such, it becomes a cult film, much like the directors previous effort REPO MAN.

While the film moves, and very well, most of its attention is on the relationship between Sid and Nancy, who are extremely addicted to heroin,
on their way to fame. And Sid, takes an immense amount of pride in showing her how much he loves her, by even banging his head against the wall, until it is bleeding, and he is nearly dead. To love is something, but to live it until death do us part literally could be insane, and immature. Perhaps, by the time they are both so hopelessly addicted, it is too late to reverse the process of destruction and perhaps create a future.

The real steal in this film, may be the character of Malcom McLaren, who may have been the driving force behind the whole movement. Malcom's style of recording these bands, was to let them be alive, and polish their garage band appeal, by helping them clean up their own work. As such, Malcom has made his mark, in a previous film THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION where many bands were caught by an open camera. They were ferocious, and attacked the music and instruments like few have ever done. Unfortunately for the
movement, most of them were on a self destructive path, and these bands, and musicians didn't survive for very long, even after several record labels became well known for these efforts.

All in all, the film pretty much states that in all walks of life and art, there are those who live it. And they will die for it. And for the characters
involved, it's their only chance of getting any attention and being recognized, and they will take it. It's too bad, that Malcom, with as good an
ear and ability that he has, is not capable of also helping these people grow into human beings who are capable of working with their problems and daily addictions. If Malcom's style is to get them raw, and the raw-ness ends up destroying the whole thing, what gain is there for anybody, after the finances are all gone. So were the bands and most of the musicians.

SID AND NANCY is an excellent film, and should be seen. There are few film makers that can show you what the whole thing was like, or at least, has enough ability to give you a picture of a world that is really sad, but does have its own brand of beauty, even if it isn't what we expect.






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