CAST:                       David Warner, Corbin Allred, David Kriegel, Brigid Conley Walsh, Richard Kind, Peter Sands, Sarah Douglas, Olivia Hussey
WRITTEN BY:         Redge Mahaffey
SUPER FEATURES: Nice story. David Warner.

The Delta Knights are well known in the Pyrennes. They are, by now, quite mythological, and not believed to have existed, but various myths are centered around them. One of their best known stories is that they were the keepers of many an alchemist's works, that were kept away from many leaders, whose aims could otherwise be considered evil. or misdirected.

And this is the premise of this film. A secret is to be finally uncovered, and many people are interested in it, but the question looms as to the ability of these people to be able to use the  inventions and futuristic discoveries in that time. It takes a great knowledge and wisdom to make that distinction and to institute it.

This is the story of a child, who happens to have been the chosen person to get this job done. He has a great gift for survival and a clever instinct that tends to foresee a few dangers a slight moment ahead of them happening.

In pursuit if the same thing is the evil lord, who wants it for his personal gain and to get some control over a rich woman who acts as a queen. And he is nothing but a servant.

But the way to get to the particular secret is laden with deceit and various twists and turns. And anything that is in the way of  the evil lord, is considered treason, and another reason to kill, or imprison someone else. Holder of some of the pieces of this puzzle is Bayool, a retired knight, who has renounced the ways of the warrior for those of peace and honor, and one of the holders of the many puzzles and secrets that Archimedes left behind, which are believed to have influenced, later, Leonardo da Vinci.

This medieval story has some nice pieces of acting, mainly David Warner in a dual role as both Bayool and the evil lord. The rest of the cast is nice, and the film has a very good period feel that is reminiscent of the Hammer films of several years ago. Olivia Hussey as the queen, is weak, perhaps mis-directed.

While this is not a great masterpiece of film making, it is a nice story that develops nicely and brings about the theme and possibility that many alchemists had created several inventions that were ahead of their time, but their use was limited in those days. Seeing these in the 20th century makes for a film that appears kinda boring, but this film is only so when the evil lord is about. He is too big  for his breaches, and is hell bent on control and power, he can not get without the women he wants to control. But he is smart
enough to follow the kid he is trying to destroy and use him as a tool to get to the secret cave.

Not a bad film, though this reviewer is drawn to medieval tales all the time. This is one, not enough, about the Delta Knights who followed the Knights Templars, and later were replaced by the Preirie du Sion in Europe. These have been major orders that often claimed many inventions and knowledge's that were privy to a few, and they were always the first targets of the church and many authorities, since its members were always noblemen that were ready to go into action.






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