MUSIC:                       ERIC SERRA
CAST:                         Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Izabella Scorupco, Famke Janssen, Joe Don Baker
WRITTEN BY:           The same group that invented this money machine.
ONE WORD:             Fluff never used to be glossy ...?

I suppose that there are things that one can enjoy in the Bond films, but I am still trying to figure out what it is I like. Actually, aside from the cardboard women, and at the risk of sounding like an old dinosaur male chauvinist pig, the best thing in this film, is just that, the women.

Even though the film maintains the stream of consciousness of excitement, a new feeling has set in, which for some reason we never seemed to think about it in the days that Sean Connery was doing it. I could swear that the character feels like cardboard these days, even though a lot of women viewers love to enjoy Pierce Brosnan ( mom's favorite Bond already ), but I may be jaded. I never thought any of the films with James Bond with the exception of the great Scaramonga film were any good at all. I have always thought that they were as exploitive a bunch of films as the usual B films that we used to catch on drive ins many years ago. The difference, of course, is not the quality, but the gloss... if it shines, and has a good advertising campaign behind it, it must be good....... sorry folks. This may be fun to watch, and the gags interesting but it is really a bore. Another Bond....hein.?

But the style is still the same. Lousy films hiding behind bad writing and gloss. Maybe some day they will really do a good film, and have the actors work seriously like Christopher
Lee once did.

James Bond films are not usually worth reviewing. The audience is already too intoxicated either the sex symbols, the scantily clad women, and some of the stunts that look really exciting that you would like to pull off on Saturday afternoon for your neighbor so you can feel more impressed ... or just having plain fun doing it! But of all the performances here, it is worth of a mention the work of Sean Bean, albeit it is not the composed and brilliant characterization that we could see him on that Sharpe series he did for the BBC, which was far better directed.





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