DIRECTOR:                     SURI KRISHNAMMA
COUNTRY:                     ENGLAND/IRELAND 1994
MUSIC:                           JULIAN NOTT
CAST:                             Albert Finney, Brenda Fricker, Michael Ganibon, Tara Fitzgerald, Rufus Sewell, Patrick Malahide
SUPER FEATURES:       The acting is great.

This is not a super interesting film, with over bearing plots and themes to hammer you over the head with. But it is a film that comes and goes and will surprise you in the end, with its sense of wonder, and expectancy.

A popular man, who works as a ticket collector and seller in a bus line in Dublin, has a fascination with poetical theatre, and he hopes one day to stage a play, with the people that ride the route he works with everyday. He has a big dream, and every person fits the vision he has. The main problem is that he wants to produce Oscar Wilde's Salome, which has great poetry, but is specially known as a play that deals with sexual content and innuendos, that an un-educated audience may never appreciate.

And as the rehearsals start, just about every person that he got to participate in the play is having some problem, including our bus man.

Salome, the play by Oscar Wilde, is about a special kind of freedom, rather than anything else. The lust the play brings about is not what it is about. And, of course, all the situations that are regarding the sexes are off limits, and treated with much disdain.

Our man, decides that he finally wants to live his fantasy, only to have it turn sour on him. But, even if his play and plans fall apart, he still has the poetry to keep him going.

An excellent performance by Albert Finney, it is hard to find better actors, this small film, stands up proud in design and conception. It is a wonderful showcase of acting, from those around the bus man to the others in the immediate family who begin discussing the ugly parts of the play behind the scenes..... the vicious misogynist feeling and other sexual situations.

A great film, really well done, and read ever so carefully and beautifully.





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